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An indestructible guide with top tips, solutions and ideas to help you post on social media like a boss and convert your followers to customers.

Unleash the social media superhero in you!

Are you overwhelmed with social media? You haven’t posted in ages and feel stuck?

With Your Ultimate Social Media Sidekick say goodbye to spending hours thinking about what your next content will be and striving to gain followers. This practical and easy marketing guide you will help you become a true professional in social networks and will allow you to make your brand stand out from the competition.

What's in?

A super bundle designed so that social networks stop being your kryptonite and become your allies to make more sales and gain followers. All the elements of the pack are interconnected with each other through the Main PDF Booklet, which will tell you how to achieve your goals and plan content easily, and will always be there if you need to come back.

Main PDF Booklet

Divided into 4 modules, this booklet is filled with tons of content and advice and will give you all what you need to master social media content and marketing. 

Superhero Toolkit

This will be your companion for all what you are going to learn, and it is full of different pages for you to complete to measure your results and keep a record of your content and social media.

International days to celebrate on social media

This small callendar is filled with relevant dates for you to take into account when creating and sharing content for your profiles.

Grid checker

This exclusive Canva template will let you create a small preview of how your Instagram profile is going to look, to make sure your feed is following branding and content efficiently.

+100 Canva templates

Included on the downloadable file you will find a selection of more than 100 of our favourite free and paid templates in Canva for your posts to look professional and on point.

What people say

Martha Ryan

Ivy chocolates

Excellent service and support.

Fiona Lyons

Hair Illusions

Sidekick media made the process easy.

Niall Madigan

Aran Islands Hotel

Finally having our social media work for us was a BIG relief

Bob Coleby

Phoenix Massage

I am finally posting regularly on social media and with blogs on my website. I just followed the steps.

Social Media, made easy.

Social Media Calendars

Social Media Checklist

Top Tips

Content tools

Easy Wins

Expert advice from our Sidekicks

Where are you starting from?

We have met a lot of clients that are all starting from different places when it comes to social media. And this is great! Once we know where we are starting from, then we know exactly where to go next!

“I am not familiar with social media at all”

  1. “I post on social media but rarely and I don’t know what content to use”
  2. “I post on social media a lot and I cannot understand why my posts are not getting any engagement.”

Whichever one of these statements best describes your social media experience to date, no problem! Sidekick Media are here to help. We will put a stop to any confusion and worry surrounding social media platforms once and for all!

Get yours now!

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