Can I post the same content on Instagram & Facebook?

Which social media platforms should you post on? If you are thinking about posting on Instagram and Facebook, how will you have time for both? Do they have to be all different content? All great questions and the simple answer to that dilemma for smaller businesses is … plan the look and feel of your posts for Instagram and cross share to Facebook.

Now, this might sound even more complicated but once you set it up, it is very easy! We want to share with you a couple of hacks to make life on social media a lot easier.

So let’s get started … link the accounts. First of all, make sure your Instagram account is linked to your Facebook account. To do this, go to your Facebook page. Click on page settings. This will show you an icon of Instagram. Click on this and link both accounts.

posting on Instagram & Facebook

Now that the accounts are linked, let’s look at two of the ways that we can plan for posting on Instagram and cross share to Facebook.

1. Posting on Instagram:

In this method, upload an image as normal and add text, hashtags, emojis and tags etc. Just before clicking on the tick sign (to post the content), scroll down to see “Also post to”. Here you will have the option to post on Facebook by simply moving the slider over to the right. This method will automatically post the same content to Facebook.

posting on Instagram

2. Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is a tool within Facebook that allows you to create posts, cross share and schedule them ahead of time for both platforms.

This will allow you to see all messages and notifications in one place. Another feature of this tool is Insights, which provides you with information on who your customers are and the best time to reach them.

The calendar displays all scheduled posts and is a visual aid on where there may be gaps to be filled or posts that may benefit from being distributed differently, especially if you are focussing on a gorgeous grid within Instagram.

Again, the Instagram account must be linked to the Facebook account (see Let’s get started … link the accounts above). After this step is completed, you create posts that contain text and photos or videos. These posts can then be published straight away. Or another option is to schedule the post to be published at a different time or day in the future. Scheduling posts can be a great use of time, where all posts for the week/month are scheduled in advance, freeing up time for the rest of your to-do list!!

social media guide posting on Instagram

Similarly, stories can be created in Facebook Business Suite and cross shared on both Instagram and Facebook. In Business Suite there is potential to plan and schedule numerous posts and stories for posting on Instagram and Facebook hours, days or weeks in advance. Imagine that …. A month worth of content created and scheduled and ready to rock … #socialmediagoals

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