How to use Hashtags on Instagram like a Pro

Hashtags are ingrained into the very makeup of almost every social platform. A fundamental understanding of how to use hashtags on Instagram is paramount for creating an online social media presence.

Firstly, what are hashtags?

Instagram hashtags are a way to group together conversations or content around a certain topic, making it easy for people to find content that interests them.

Tip 1: Use Low, Medium and High Hashtags on Instagram

As you can use up to 30 hashtags in any given post, use a variation of Low, Medium and High hashtags, driving sales from smaller and bigger audiences. Low Hashtags usually have under 10,1000 followers, Medium Hashtags, have hundreds of thousands of followers and High Hashtags, have in the millions. Using a selection of all will increase the likelihood of your business being discovered.

Tip 2: Use Instagram Profile Hashtags

Another great place to incorporate more hashtags on Instagram is in your Bio. As the algorithm extracts keywords from this text to learn about your business and who to share your content with, using specific hashtags relating to your business can target niche audiences suited for your business. This makes it an important place to use hashtags.

hashtags on instagram

Tip 3: Use Hidden Hashtags

Another place to use hashtags is in your caption. Hidden hashtags throughout a caption are a great way to ensure keywords are highlighted and it frees more space at the end of your written piece for even more hashtags. 

Want to know our ‘Sidekick Top Tip’ for Hashtags? Just pick a hashtag and get started!

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