How to Take your Instagram Reels to the Next Level

With Instagram’s recent announcement that they are ‘no more a photo-sharing app’ let’s talk about how to level up our video skills with, you guessed it – Instagram reels!

So what even are Instagram reels? 

Think TikTok but on Instagram. They are a new way to create and discover short entertaining videos on Instagram. The unique thing about reels is that they are not only shared with your account followers but also reach new audiences on a global scale. Basically, it’s a video of up to 90 seconds where you add your chosen music or audio.

Tip 1: Use On-screen Text and Captions.

Instagram allows you to add text and captions on top of your video, meaning people watching your video can have the sound turned off their phone or device and still read what you are saying. Another reason, to use text and captions is that Instagram’s algorithm favours videos with text and your reel will be shown to more people.

Tip 2: Use Instagram Reels Trends as Inspiration.

Have you heard people talk about trending audio or videos? These are simply videos that are very popular and therefore Instagram shows them organically to more and more users. Remember, Instagram is now a video-first platform, so when you come across a video or audio that you like, be sure to save it. These will help as inspiration when you go to create your own reels.

instagram reels advanced tips

Tip 3: Share to Stories

Simple but powerful, and not for the reason you’re thinking… So you’ve created your reel and posted it. Now what? Share your reel to your story. The most obvious reason is to let people know your reel is there… but did you know? Every story view counts. So that means every story view is added to your reel view! Wow! What a way to step up your reel game!

If you’re a complete beginner at reels, check out our previous blog ‘How to make reels work for you’ to guide you through the basics of creating effective reels. 

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