How to make Instagram Reels work for you

I know… the thoughts of reels are probably making you want to stop reading already! Trust us, we are here to make this very very easy!

First of all, let’s look at why reels can help your business. Short videos became hugely popular through TikTok. Instagram then introduced reels into their platform to compete with TikTok and now allow videos up to 1 minute. Reels have been seen to be over a week old and still appear on the reel newsfeed. Imagine your content staying visible for more than a couple of days. Straight away this is sounding more appealing!

As we like to reuse good content in different places, reels are ideal to be shared to your stories. To encourage a reel to “Go Viral” the content should be a general topic to appeal to more people and use trending music.


Let’s slow down here a bit… Getting started with reels is the important thing. Aim to share one a week and watch the engagement with your brand increase. Top tip, check the insights on your reels and very quickly you should see that content reaching more than the number of accounts that follow you.

There are three main types of reels that will shine a light on your business:

  1. 1. Educational – think about a problem that your customer has and solve it! How about showing them how to use your product? What are your FAQ’s. These will provide loads of content ideas.
  3. 2. Entertainment – humour is a great way to introduce yourself to your clients. Personalising your business will boost your engagement and lead to more sales. Adding music or using light-hearted content is also a great way to use reels. Be you, have fun!

  1. 3. Inspiration –  this is a perfect place to share your story. As we know, people buy from people and what better way to inspire other people with sharing your journey so far. Celebrate all your milestones in these reels e.g. maybe you’ve just received your first 100 orders or reached 5k followers. Whatever size the achievement, we want to hear about it & it will help inspire others!



In our Ultimate Social Media Sidekick, we will give you a step by step simple guide to making reels. However, the content needs to reflect you and your brand. Looking at other reels for inspiration is a great thing to do… but don’t compare yourself to anyone else. BE YOU! And remember as we said in our ‘3 Top Reasons you are not getting sales on social media’ blog, you don’t necessarily have to put your face on video. 

Check out our Ultimate Social Media Sidekick for more tips, tricks and hacks for boosting your visibility and sales on social media.

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