Trading Online Voucher Form

Check if you are eligible for an LEO trading online voucher worth €2500 for digital marketing. This voucher can be used for:

Check if you are eligible to get 50% back on your next marketing project with the LEO Trading Online Voucher.

What we can do for you

with your digital marketing sidekicks.

After submitting the LEO Trading Online Voucher form we can provide you with a wide range of digital marketing services to help your business increase its brand awareness and drive revenue. From PPC online ads to search engine optimisation, our experts have the experience needed for every project.

trading online voucher web design

Web Design

Create a website that helps you bring in revenue from; online product sales, paid consultation bookings and online course sales.

trading online voucher seo

SEO Services

Optimise your website so that your customers can easily find you online with our SEO Strategy.
Digital marketing strategy LEO

Digital Strategy

Develop a digital marketing strategy to stand out online and grow your client base.

Google ads leo

Online Advertising

Promote your business via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Adwords and reach potential costumers for your products or services with our ad management system.

logo and branding design

Branding and Logo

We help you with the creation of a visual identity and logo to make your brand unique and easily recognisable in the market.

LEO Mentorship


Gain expert and experienced advice, guidance, support and networking to help you in your teaching career, practices or business.

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