How chatbots will revolutionise the way you do business on your website

So how do they work?

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence that interprets your message and searches for a possible answer in the content. What chatbots can do is dependent on the version set up.

  • Simple:
    Designed with simple script to match keywords and phrases and offer predefined answers to the users. This is done by building a database with information where chatbot will search for products, inventory, services, FAQ’s etc.
  • AI Chatbot:
    Designed with deep learning to adapt to the conversation and offer human-like answers. Some of them can remember conversations and learn from the user to become more effective.
  • Mixed:
    This is designed to integrate both options.Next we can look at why chatbot is used and also, why Chatbot is important.

Benefits of a chatbots:

  • Saves a business time as this will answer most of the common questions frequently received.
  • Offers a good first contact to the user, saving agents for more specific questions
  • They can ease the user friction if they become stuck
  • Answer user questions faster
  • Cheaper than user support

For these reasons, Chatbots are the future for many companies. Through Chatbot development, it is now available in many places, including Hubspot, Facebook and also on many paid options like, Flow XO,  Botsify and WS Chat. Which Chatbot is best will depend on the needs of the business, budget etc. Why Chatbot is needed is reflected in the user experience on a website etc.

However, Chatbots can also unveil some points for consideration:

  • They usually require a lot of time to set up and require some level of coding and programming knowledge.
  • In the case of using code in a chatbot, it is difficult for that chatbot to be reused for other projects.
  • It can have a negative impact on the audience if they are not set up properly.
  • They require a database of possible questions and answers, as well as text paragraphs with explanations
  • They do not replace human interaction completely.

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