5 Key Tips to Increase your Online Sales

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to increase your online sales. You can see what’s working and what isn’t by looking at your analytics data, but if you don’t have any time for that either – this blog will help! 

Many business owners are struggling to keep up with demand. They often find themselves working longer and harder than ever before, leading them to wonder how they’ll be able to grow their online sales in the coming year. If you’re one of those people who wants more from your business, it’s important that you know where to look for answers. So let’s get started and jump straight into our top tips to see your online sales blossom!

1. Where should I be online to increase online sales?

This is a common question in a time where social media seems to be taking over the world!! It is not as scary as it sounds though. If you start by thinking about who your customer is, from there we will know where to go. As you want to step in front of your potential customers, being where they are is hugely important. If your target audience tends to hang out on Instagram, then you need to be there. If they are on LinkedIn, then you need to be there…. And so on! 

Our TOP TIP would be to focus on 2 platforms at first, get comfortable on those platforms then you can spread your wings.

With social media, the key is to be consistent. We have put together a simple tool which can help you to plan content for a month at a time, so you can be confident that you have covered your social media platforms with useful worthwhile content. 

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2. Engage with people:

This may seem obvious? However, in the world of social media in particular, we may see a post we like or a company we like, but we don’t actually engage. If you were walking down the street and someone said hello or waved, would you keep walking and not respond? I don’t think you would so why do it online! When you see a comment posted on your page, always respond to each one, as someone has taken the time to write to you. This will encourage interaction and will make your profile more visible on Facebook and Instagram etc. Likewise, why not look at companies that complement your product, like their page and comment on their posts. This encourages a mutual alliance and their followers may become yours!

Our TOP TIP, directly after posting on social media, engage with other accounts as this can help with engagement on your post. Also, check out our Connections List Builder in our Ultimate Social Media Sidekick download HERE to keep track of accounts that are aligned with your brand.

3. How is your website performing:

Online sales are not only about social media platforms, far from it! A company’s website is a vital part of helping online sales blossom. Not having a website at all is a huge missed opportunity to be seen online by potential customers. If I’m looking for a service, in particular, I will probably not use social media to search for this. Search engines such as Google are usually the go-to place when something specific is being looked for. So if I type in photographers in the West, if that is your service but you don’t have a website, I will never find you! In addition, what if you have a website, but it doesn’t have adequate SEO or if the website has not been updated in a long time? Static websites are not rated very highly by Google and if Google doesn’t like your website for this reason, then you will not appear high up on the search engine results. Having a beautiful shop down a lane where there is no traffic is equivalent to this. People need to know you are there! To find out how your website is performing, check out our free website audit HERE 

4. Does your website have a shop:

Imagine that your potential customers have indeed found your website online! You may assume at this stage that you’ve probably got a sale. Not always the case! People are often time-poor, which is why there is a high bounce rate when it comes to websites. This means that potential customers will only stay on a website while everything is running smoothly. Does your website load fast enough? Is it easy to navigate and find all your products and services? Do you have a shop on the website and if so, how easy is it to buy from you. Any obstacles along that journey from landing on the website, to actually completing a purchase, potential customers may bounce off your website and start their search again. That may sound like a lot of things to consider, however, they are all things that can be checked and rectified. Smoothing out a few little creases can make a massive difference in your online sales.

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5. Funding for increasing online sales:

The great news is that there is funding available to help your business increase its online sales! The Trading Online Voucher (TOV) can help with marketing projects that will get your business seen on search engines and on social media platforms. With all the passion and hard work that goes into a business, you deserve to be visible and to have your sales reflect that effort! 

Getting your website set up to easily accept sales is an important first step and then getting it out in front of people who need your product or service is the next big step.

The Trading Online Voucher is perfect for these steps…. So what is on your wishlist?

Need more confidence to know how and when to post amazing content on social media that increase your online sales? 

Are you embarrassed by your website?

Not sure why you are not getting sales via your website?

Want striking images of your products or to show people what to expect from your service?

Have you been boosting posts on Facebook and not sure why some work and others don’t?

Would you like to try Google Ads?

Do you need to refresh your logo? Or create a logo from scratch?

All of these things are covered under the Trading Online Voucher and we can help you to apply for the funding. Imagine getting all that work done or picking and choosing the pieces that apply to your business AND having the support of a Digital Marketing Sidekick to help you every step of the way? 

To find out if your business is eligible for the funding, here’s where to check with our free eligibility test which will only take a couple of minutes HERE

Whatever stage your business is at, there are opportunities to grow. Perhaps your online presence isn’t what you would like it to be and that’s ok too, it’s impossible to do everything all together. Or maybe your business never needed an online presence before, however, with the world around us changing so fast, now is the time to shift gears and move into the space that the online world has created. Whatever your situation, we are here to help!! All of these things can be looked at and improved upon, that’s what our Sidekick team are here for!

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