4 Key Reasons Why Video is Essential for Growth on Instagram

The announcement in Summer 2022 by Instagram Head, Adam Mosseri that the platform is on its way to becoming a predominantly video-sharing app, due to its increase of users posting short format videos on Instagram (Reels) has marked a major transition in the world of business.

The rise in videos started in 2020 when reports showed that the average person was spending an average of 6 hours and 48 minutes a week watching and consuming online videos. As Instagram is a competition for attention, it makes sense that eventually videos would be the preferred method by users to share information, due to the longer and more focused attention it receives from viewers.

Here are some of the main reasons why videos are so effective:

Videos on Instagram hold attention

On average we have a three-second attention span, which is less than that of a goldfish! The first few seconds of any piece of content on Instagram must capture your audiences’ attention – videos do this well. The combination of audio, visuals, and movement is much more exciting than a still image, retaining the viewer’s attention for longer.

videos on social media

Allows transparency

Videos create connections with viewers much quicker due to their ability to communicate emotional states more effectively such as humour, sadness, and excitement. This emotional connection builds the relationship between the viewer and creator, which ultimately contributes to customer loyalty and generates more sales.

videos on instagram

Allows for innovative communication

Due to the wide range of visual formatting, videos are an excellent platform for effective communication due to their dynamic range of communicating messages. Videos allow the creator to express content in many different creative ways, making it interesting for viewers and keeping them engaged. This boosts engagement which ultimately generates more sales.

video importance on social media

Videos on Instagram save time and money

Almost everyone owns a phone with a camera, making videos accessible to many people. With one button the camera will start recording, with another the video is completed. Due to the speedy nature of making videos, they save both time and money. Effective businesses aim to be as productive as possible using the least resources. This is another reason why video popularity has increased so dramatically for marketing on Instagram.

video on instagram social media

So, now you know why videos are pivotal to success on Instagram, start thinking about how you can incorporate all these points to take your videos on Instagram to the next level. There’s never been a better time to start making video content on Instagram… so get those cameras out and press record!

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