3 reasons why you are not getting sales on social media

This can be a very frustrating topic, especially if the answer is no! Let’s sort that out today by looking at 3 main areas where people get a little stuck.

Are you consistent?

Am I consistent? Well, I’m consistently busy working in my business so I don’t have time to be consistent on social media … oh we hear you! We’ve met lots and lots of clients that really try their best to post on a regular basis. This is not always easy and we totally get that! There is so much to do within a business and a lot of the time, it’s all up to you! Let’s begin by giving yourselves a clap on the back for all the good stuff that you are achieving!

Now let’s take all that good stuff and find a simple way to share it all in the form of words, photos, videos and maybe a few dances on Instagram reels!! Consistency is key on social media, so if you struggle with inspiration on what to post and when then you will LOVE our new Ultimate Social Media Sidekick, which is packed full of practical printed checklists and worksheets, template posts, tips, tricks and hacks to help you start planning and stop panicking about what to post!

Are you including video?

Video is the king & queen of social media! Now if you are thinking ‘I’m not putting myself up on social media, are you joking me!’ … don’t worry! We totally understand that not everyone wants to have their faces on camera and we are here to tell you that you don’t have to!

How about recording a little clip of your suppliers delivering to you? Or a behind the scenes clip of your workshop? You know what else is popular…..getting to know the person behind the product (people buy from people) so why not show us where you went for lunch in a little video (also great to tag that business).

There’s more hacks and tips for video and reels in our Ultimate Social Media Sidekick.

Are you visible on Social Media?

So do you engage with people on social media? If someone said hello to you on the street, you would answer them, right? We all need to be more mindful to do the same on social media. Here’s a glimpse of some of the hacks that we have compiled in your Ultimate Social Media Sidekick.

  • Follow, like and share other businesses that compliment your product/service eg: if you have a wine shop, why not follow and support a local cheese supplier on social.
  • Reply to anyone who comments on your posts
  • Mix up the content with a glimpse of who you are eg: picture of your desk, where you go for a midday walk etc
  • Give informative and engaging information…..don’t be in selling mode all the time

The sky is the limit with social media marketing and once you tap into all of our hacks, it will change the way your social media pages perform and deliver leads to you.

If you have any questions, just give us a shout on [email protected] or check out our Ultimate Social Media Sidekick download available HERE for just €29

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